India series & Oaxaca studio tour

6th Dec 2023_

I’ve got 3 new prints up for sale on my shop, go take a look here. These 3 prints were designed on my travels through India earlier this year. Mainly inspired by my stay in Rishikesh, a holy area situated next to the River Ganga. The area was full of macaques, grey langurs and cows roaming the streets. The macaques would be running past our windows daily looking for any that were open so they could raid peoples rooms. The cows would stop and sit in the middle of busy roads blocking incoming traffic and are redeemed as holy to the hindu community there. I’ve also included a tiger as we came across one brawling with a leopard in the long grass when on a safari.

This place was a special place as I met a whole group of interesting creative people all on different paths united by the spirituality and intrigue of Rishikesh. So yeah feel free to check out this series, I will have another one soon up focused on my travels to Japan.

Back to Oaxaca, Mexico, on Saturday we checked out 10 different galleries/printmakers. Loads of inspiring artists works to check out with lots of lino and wood cutting techniques. A lot of the work had a strong sense of activism, and told a lot about life in Oaxaca. Check some of the artworks below. Here are the 10 galleries we checked out if you’re interested.

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