Soviet Cameras, Tutorials & Telegraph Hill

11th Oct 2023_

This past week I’ve been working on a handful of tutorials on making digital collages + animating them for my old uni. Has been a little out of my comfort zone which has been good, considering making some more in the future for YouTube or IG. Have also been playing with a handheld scanner I bought 10 years ago and never used, have made some unique little effects using it against my monitor.

I’ve also found a little Soviet made Lomography camera which I’ve been searching everywhere for. 

The LCA-1, which I bought over a decade ago for a quid in a charity shop, makes some really interesting effects, looking forward to experimenting with this when I get to Mexico in a couple of weeks.

Finally, on Sunday I headed up to Telegraph Hill in London for a tribute to a friend we sadly lost last year. Was an emotional time for everyone but was a good send-off, was great to see a lot of old faces and meet some new ones. / +44 7774 479540