Día de Muertos, Mexico City & Oaxaca

9th Nov 2023_

Finally arrived in Mexico, with a 6 month stay stamped on my passport. Our first stop was Mexico City, one of the most colourful vibrant cities I’ve set foot in. Seems a lot more like I’m near home with the spanish colonial architecture. Our first week we were busy exploring the city, its the lead up to Día de Muertos (Day of the dead) and celebrations seem to be in full swing already. We’ve been trying loads of veganised Mexican dishes, flautas, gorditas, gringas, tortas and so on. Our favourite so far has been Molcajete at Por Siempre. We have mainly been enjoying the areas of Roma & Condensa, but haven’t been able to stay for long as we had bus journey taking us to Oaxaca where we’ve been told is one of the best places to celebrate Día de Muertos, and it definitely was something special.

Oaxaca is a lot less built up, surrounded by mountains and our first week here has been hectic. The day of the dead celebrations have been on all week, open cemeteries with people dancing to Cumbia, constant marching parades and rooftop bands and people welcoming you into their homes to see their altars. Has been a crazy week but looking forward to chilling a bit more now and getting our heads down. We’ve been in touch with some of the local artists who we will be meeting soon, lino-printing, street art and activism seem to be a big theme within the artist community here, looking forward to getting involved and learning more about it.

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