Art Week & Solandra Grandifola

11th March 2024_

It’s been art week here so lots has been happening across Mexico City. I’ve visited a load of exhibitions and seen a lot of interesting art, some of my favourite artists I’ve seen so far are Citlali Haro & Pilar Cárdenas. We also visited an old truck kitted out with a load of self-portraits situated in all the seats, had an eery feel to it. Other than that I also took a trip to Museo Nacional de Antropología, learnt a lot about Mexicos rich history.

The art and sculptures were incredible and learning about the use of Psychedelic drugs in shamanic rituals was really interesting. One psychedelic plant I had never heard of was Solandra Grandifola which is said to be extremely potent, there’s not much online about it however I did find one article here going into detail about it which you can read here. I’d be keen to research more into it and maybe create some artworks inspired by this hallucinogenic.

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