New workspace & La Lagunilla

18th March 2024_

So I’ve been looking for a decent co-working space to get me away from our temporary home in Mexico city. Found art focused space called ‘Art Works’ . Huge building with gallery spaces, a studio space and area for co-working. Also has a shop full of different artists work which is worth checking out, will be putting some prints in there soon. Also took a visit to the market La Lagunilla which some friends here took us to. Full of vintage goods, lots of antiques from Mexico. I picked up a couple interesting zines and will be useful for practicing my spanish.

The market also turns into a huge party with makeshift bars all around, reggaeton blaring out of sound systems. You can’t drink on the streets here, but it seems to be turned a blind eye to for the market. When you’ve finished going through the market, everyone gathers on a patch of grass to carry on drinking, almost like a bigger Turbo island if you’re familiar with Bristol. But once 5 hits, the police come through, everyone downs their drinks and scatters as it returns to the usual drinking regulations.

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