Mexican Punk Markets & Vasconcelos

28th March 2024_

The other week we visited ‘El Chopo’, a huge market every saturday in CDMX all revolving around Punk. Punk clothing, records, magazines, toys, and even some punk gigs happening as you stroll through. Unlike Lagunilla though its a little calmer as you can’t drink at this one, still the live music kicks off with huge circle pits right next to the stalls. Picked up an old punk magazine to have a look through and practice my Spanish, the front and back are pretty interesting images.

Other than that we took a trip to a huge Biblioteca, it goes up around 8 or 9 floors and all made of glass so not good if you’ve got vertigo. Found some cool manga up on the top floors and a design book which led me to find an old jungle mix by dj gilb-r which I’ve been listening to this past week. Other than I’ve just been working on some more 3D skills to combine with my 2D digital collage works which you can see below.

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