Return of the Trajineras, Doll Islands & AR Activism

9th April 2024_

So the other day we headed back to Xochimilco to go back on the boats to celebrate my partner Rosies birthday. A much bigger group this time as we’ve built some good friendships in our time in CDMX. We took a 4 hour trip which flew by but still was a lot of fun as we packed the boat with drink and food. If you ever go to CDMX its definitely worth checking out, but definitely better in big groups as you can split the cost too and the boats are pretty big. On our 4 hour trip we made a stop onto a Doll island, full of these eerie discarded dolls buried in the ground and stuck to trees.

Though apparently it was the replica doll island, and the real one can be found if you take the even longer boat trip. Either way it was interesting to see, other than that I went to animal rights march, which was huge, but not enough vegan activists, and mainly seemed to be either welfarists or only cared about cats and dogs. Good to see that many people out still protesting for animal rights.

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